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Pointing the Bone at Cancer

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Nutritionist, Agricultural Scientist, Veterinary Surgeon, Author, Lecturer, and Nutritional Consultant. Dr. Billinghurst is considered the “father of raw diets”. Through his books and lectures he began the popularization of the raw food concept world-wide.

Dr. Billinghurst graduated B.Sc.Agr. in 1966 from Sydney University as an Agronomist and Nutritionist; his studies being divided equally between Agronomy and Nutrition (basic and applied), in cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry. He spent 1966 as a research Scientist at the Orange Agricultural Research Station in the Central West of New South Wales. The next four years were spent teaching secondary level Science and Agriculture. During this period Dr. Billinghurst obtained his Diploma in Education from The University of New England Armidale. These studies included an in depth investigation of the philosophy of Science. In 1971, Dr. Billinghurst commenced his Veterinary Science degree, graduating with honours (B.V.Sc.Hons) from Sydney University in 1976 and has remained in Companion animal practice since that time. Between 1984 and 1987, Dr. Billinghurst passed his examinations in Traditional Chinese Medicine (for humans). By the end of the 1980's, the combination of his formal and private studies, together with his research into the relationship between what his dog and cat patient's ate and their state of health, had convinced Dr. Billinghurst that Evolutionary Nutrition was the only program able to promote and sustain genuine health. He realized that this principle applied equally to all animal species – including humans. It was this revelation that lead to the first of Dr. Billinghurst's three books on Companion Animal Nutrition.

His first book, Give Your Dog a Bone, published in late 1993 sets out the basic principles of canine nutrition, using raw, whole and commonly available foods. This book proved an instant hit and remains his most sought after and influential publication. Its basic principles now influence the nutritional decision making of even the largest multinational pet food companies. During his 1998 US tour, Dr. Billinghurst released his second book, Grow Your Pups With Bones.This book was written as the breeder's supplement to Give Your Dog a Bone, and includes a section dealing with the prevention and treatment of skeletal disease in growing pups. Grow Your Pups With Bones formalized the concept of BARF, an acronym standing for both 'Bones And Raw Food' and from a more scientific formal perspective, 'Biologically Appropriate Raw [or Real] Food'.

In 2001 Dr. Billinghurst released his third book, The BARF Diet and in 2016 his latest book Pointing the Bone at Cancer which combines a wealth of information obtained through decades of research on human, canine and feline nutrition and an in-depth look cancer and its causes.

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