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9 Jean's Lane

Maugerville - E3A 8M1

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Description - Delivery service - Not a store. Please call ahead to order. Hi, my name is Sandra Foster, but most people call me Sam. I was born and raised in Fredericton and I have lived here most of my life except for a few years in BC and NS. Horses were my passion when I was younger, but I gave them up when I had my kids. I currently have 5 dogs; 2 Border Collies, a Border/Jack, Border Whippet and a Boston mix. I compete in Flyball with OMG Flyball Club, Disc and I am starting agility with one of my Border Collies. I am also a long-time member of the RVO Obedience Club. I have competed in Rally obedience, and I teach puppy classes in Maugerville, NB. I started feeding Carnivora about 15 years ago when it was called Urban Carnivora. My pug Willie had struvite crystals and a friend suggested I try a raw diet. After trying several kibble brands he was still getting the crystals so I started him on Carnivora diet and he never had another issue with crystals. In 2009, I began Flyball with my pug Willie and he eventually became the number one top-pointed Flyball pug in North America he is still number one to this day. Sadly, Willie passed away at the age of 14 in 2020.

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