Poochie Moochie

17211 107 Ave NW

Edmonton - T5S 1E5

Call - 7809647064

Additional Information

Contact Person - Lori Cameron

E-Mail - hello@poochiemoochie.com

Website - https://www.poochiemoochie.com/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mypoochiemoochie/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Fun_withPets

Description - Poochie Moochie Dog Boutique began out of Lori's (the owner) lifelong passion for dogs and cats. Her heart is dedicated to educating others about giving pets the best life through proper nutrition. She has an amazing personal success story of how the transformation to raw saved her Jack Russell's life back in 2003. Lori has fed her own dogs raw for 20 years. Carnivora has been a food of choice for her own dogs for all these years. When Lori started Poochie Moochie, Carnivora was one of the first brands to grace her freezers. Her store is a raw exclusive store - with some healthy alternatives. Every product on the shelves and in the freezers has been researched and selected by Lori. All staff is trained in nutrition and customers will receive personalized service when they walk in. Lori offers free raw feeding consultations, a monthly discount day, and free same-day delivery in Edmonton & area. Also, in the Boutique you will find fun and functional supplies, unique products, and lots of fashion!

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