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Diet Transition

Making the transition from heat processed foods to a fresh food diet can be accomplished in several ways. How you decide to transfer your cat will depend on age, health status, and your cats' appetite.

Begin by removing all other food and offer a small portion of the Carnivora patty. Serve at room temperature. If your cat readily eats the patty the transition is complete!

Cats that are reluctant to eat their new raw food can be switched to a premium meat-formulated canned food. Start feeding at designated times and remove any food usually left out for free-choice feeding. Mix a small quantity of the Carnivora patty into the cats canned food meal. If the cat accepts this amount, begin to increase the portion of the Whole animal patty gradually in each meal, while reducing the canned food in proportion. Once the cat is established on the whole animal patties, you can feed a small amount of Prairie-Fed Beef Offal two to three times a week as either a separate meal or mixed in with the Whole Animal patties. You are ready to add the Carnivora supplements to the diet if desired.

Special Considerations
If you have a pet that has digestive sensitivities, is on medication such as steroids, has a compromised immune system or is a senior, it may need to undergo a gradual transition to a raw diet. The transition may take several weeks to several months depending on the health status of the individual. If necessary, you can begin by cooking the Carnivora Whole Animal patties. Gradually add small, raw portions of the Carnivora patties while decreasing the cooked portion with each consecutive meal until your petis accepting its new diet totally raw.

Additional Tips
When introducing new foods or supplements to your pet's diet, do not overfeed and divide the daily amount into several smaller meals. Excessive amounts of either may result in rejection of the food or cause gastrointestinal upset. Begin by simply introducing one of the Carnivora Whole Animal patties. Allow your pet to eat these patties for several days to ensure no digestive upsets and nice firm stools. Once these patties are accepted, you can begin to introduce other Whole Animal Patties, Carnivora plant foods, and supplements as desired


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