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While supplementation can never replace a variety of Species Appropriate foods, EarthGreens can provide additional benefits to your pet’s diet. 

EarthGreens offers a range of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, co-factors, enzymes and bioactive compounds (1) (2) from whole food concentrates. Nutrients found in nature’s foods work synergistically and are highly bioavailable to the body.

While formulated supplements made from isolated nutrients are intended to replicate the function and structure of their natural counterparts, they cannot replace all the components that whole foods offer. Nature does make the best food-derived supplements! 

EarthGreens is not designed to be a multivitamin/mineral formulation. It’s not designed to “balance” your pet’s diet or replace deficiencies. Instead, it’s a compendium of wholesome foods, carefully processed to maintain the dietary value of the raw food ingredients.

EarthGreens is quite simply an added source of nutrient-dense greens, seeds, vegetables and fruits from both the land and sea, for added variety in your pet's diet. 

(1) Bioactive compounds are molecules that can present therapeutic potential with influence on energy intake while reducing a pro-inflammatory state, oxidative stress, and metabolic disorders (Siriwardhana et al., 2013).

(2) Most bioactive compounds have antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.

Ingredients: Spirulina powder, chlorella powder broken cell wall, wheat grass powder, flax seed powder, barley powder, alfalfa powder, carrot powder, chia seed powder, red beet powder, celery powder, broccoli powder, acerola cherry powder extract, apple pectin powder, royal jelly powder, brussels sprout powder, green cabbage powder, cranberry powder, blueberry powder extract, plumb powder, papaya powder, cauliflower powder, dulse powder, kelp powder, parsley powder, aloe vera powder, pumpkin seed powder, raspberry powder, pomegranate powder extract, dandelion powder, inulin powder, pineapple juice powder, bilberry powder extract, orange juice powder, cherry flavours powder organic, and tomato powder extract.

Suggested Serving:
1-10lbs: 1/8tsp
10-25lbs:1/4 tsp
50-100lbs: 1 tsp

Available in 125g zip-sealed jar

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Our chief scientist Mother Nature is pleased to offer you some of her finest work.

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