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Bison is an excellent source of iron. The meat has yellow fat which means it is high in beta carotene. Bison do not marble (put fat in the muscle). The result is more protein and less fat in the patty (average 6%). The taste is often indistinguishable from beef, although bison tends to have a fuller, richer, sweeter flavor. It is not “gamey” or wild tasting. Bison is a good red meat alternative for pets allergic to beef.

Bison patties contain the whole animal except the heads, hides, bladder and large intestine (manure), hooves, horns (if any). We do not use non-edible bones as these would not be consumed in nature due to their density. Organs make up approximately 8 to 10 % of the patties - this includes lungs, liver, heart, kidneys and the tongue.  On average over all our protiens, patties are composed of 66% muscle meat, 7% bone, 10% organs, 7% blood and 10% fat. Other than the vegetables and fruit in our dinners we DO NOT add anything to our foods. You may supplement as needed. Please visit healthcare and supplement pages.

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Our chief scientist Mother Nature is pleased to offer you some of her finest work.

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