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The definitive guide to feeding your pet a raw food diet.

From first-hand experience with feeding companion animals, Brenda Hagel presents a thorough description of the benefits and methods of feeding your pet a raw food diet. This book is intended as a layman’s reference guide to navigating the concept of feeding your pet, understanding some basic health concepts, and learning how it all fits nicely into a program of feeding your pet an evolutionary diet. It is an easy-to-read book for the everyday pet owner who seeks basic information.

This all came about as a result of answering countless phone calls, letters, and emails. It was startling to Brenda how many owners of pets were searching for answers. Over a period of several years, she researched just about every possible chronic disease associated with cats and dogs.

Keep this book on your shelf and let it be your go-to reference during the different stages of your pet’s life. We hope it serves you as well.

Brenda is grateful for the help of people who are the true pioneers of raw feeding in the world especially to Dr. Ian Billinghurst, B.V.Sc.(Hons), B.Sc.Agr., Dip. Ed. and Dr. Meg Smart, DVM, PhD.  Without them, the raw pet food industry would not exist.

1 A Species Appropriate™ Diet is the Foundation of Your Pet’s Health

2 Carnivore Food is Not Dry Food from the Bag!

3 Commercial Raw Diets–An Overview

4 Variety is Key for Vitality

5 Raw or Cooked?

6 Carbohydrates and Carnivores

7 The Simplicity of a Raw Diet

8 Bacteria–A Discussion

9 Become a Poop Connoisseur

10 Canine Path of Evolution

11 Canine Design

12 Canine Feeding Behaviour

13 Canine Nutrient Requirements

14 Canine Pregnancy and Lactation

17 Performance Dog Nutrition

18 Feline Path of Evolution

19 Feline Design

20 Feline Feeding Behavior

21 Feline Nutritional Requirements

22 Feline Pregnancy and Lactation

23 Kitten Nutrition

Author Brenda Hagel’s Biography


Our chief scientist Mother Nature is pleased to offer you some of her finest work.

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